Monday, March 17, 2008

What's A Quiver Anyway?

So let's play some quiveropoly. I want to hear your views on what a quiver is. Take your time to really think this through, and I challenge each of you to use your Bible. This could be fun.

*What does the Word say about our womb? Is it ours? Is it the Lords to do with as He wishes?

*How many quivers are we to have anyway, I mean if a quiver is 5, do we have 5, or 5x70x7? Wait, that's the equation for forgiving...anyway...

*Is God's ultimate will for us to let Him choose the number of children we are to have?

*Just because we are lacking sleep and sanity, is that enough reason to close our own womb, or is God using our trials in child-rearing to build our character (and keep us busy at home you Titus 2 Woman You?!?!)

Let's stir the pot (in a loving way gracious and non-judgemental or I'll have your BLOG!)

Get goin' gals...

Are We There Yet?

Ok, never have done a BLOG before. I mean what is it anyway? AND...who in tarnation ever came up with that name? I mean really, you could write an entire BLOG on what people think of when they hear the word "BLOG or BLOGGER". can tell I'm functioning on very few brain cells, that's what waking every 2 hours will do for ya!

I am tired. That is right, you heard me...tired and every other form of the word (eg. sleepy, exhausted, zombie...). Most of the night there is this little guy attached to my baby-feeding-mechanism. Is that for real? Guess it keeps the teething to a minimum, or whatever...if I can catch some zzz's through it all, I'm good!

So...are we there yet? Kind of brings back memories for so many of us eh'? Driving in the car for days on end, feeling queezy and hoping for a potty break before you flood your drawers. Oh yes, I remember it all too well. Now we plan to do the same to our poor children this summer. Do you think we will get to our destination (any of them) before we hear the dreaded question? ARE WE THERE YET? I think I will offer them 25$ each if they never ask the question. Then I can enter our family in the Guinesses Book of World Records for over 10 miles in a car with more than 5 people without hearing "Are we there yet?"

As we look forward to trotting through Texas, Georga, Tennessee (where we plan to stay the longest), Kentucy (The Creation Museum), Indiana, Kansas or possibly Colorado, I begin to feel this preSSURE...HEAVY PRESSURE...MUST FOCUS...POTTY BREAK...KIDS...MOUTHS...MORE PRESSURE...DIRECTIONS...MAN AT THE WHEEL...MAP QUEST...HUNGER OH THE HUNGER...ARE WE THERE YET? Oh well, I don't read much anyway...who needs to make their mark in some dumb record book?

The journey should be a lot of fun really, and we are looking forward to it! We are excited to visit with our ex-neighbors The Johnsons in TX, our first stop. Then on to GA to stay a few days with our friends The Fletchers. Mason looks forward to seeing his best friend again! The kids can't wait to ride horse too! We will go with them and meet up with The Bullers at Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, total Home School opportunity! Underwater falls, in caves...should be very cool! Then head to our friends, The Bullers home, for probably a good week before we stop in at The Creation Museum (hopefully with them, and maybe even the Fletchers). Then our other 2 stops will be brief overnighters on our trek home. Are you feeling PRESSURE?

So, who can come up with the best ever traveling ideas for kids (and Mom's) for treks up to 16 hours at one time. I will post your ideas, and hey, even use them if they will keep me sain!
Looking forward to our Summer Trek!