Friday, September 12, 2008

Something Funny!

I've been told to stop blogging about books and get back to something funny, like when I thought I was dying cause I had lost 10 lbs. overnight, only to find out my scale was not working here ya go...

What is so funny you ask? Well...I'm really not sure today, so I will probably have to share all the funny stories that will come out of our family vacation to CA/Disneyland/Sea World/the beach! I can pretty much guarantee you there will be not only some funny stories, but photos as well.

In the mean time what is on my mind? Well, first...why am I still awake you ask??? It's because my little guy has decided the last few nights that he is a night owl. What is up with that? I am thankful he is feeling so much better however, because he suffered with a spout of roseola. I didn't realize how it made his joints ache. He did NOT want to do much of anything. I am glad he's back to his old self and we can enjoy watching him once again walk around, as he wobbles to keep himself up, and at the same time clapping in his excitement at his new accomplishment!

So for now I will leave you with anticipation for the "Something Funny" to come!

Love ya...