Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Our official family Christmas card is available for you to view!
I will add more photos to my page after Christmas!!!
Please click either photo to go to link and view photos!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Is Comin' Are Ya Ready?

Are you ready for the day? The moment we all await all year long? I can't wait!!! However, we don't wait to celebrate on one day, noooo, we enjoy the month! Just the thought of gearing up for the big event is so special!!! A great reminder of our Dear Savior Who came to live here...WOW! Among the lame ;)...that's us!

We are wrapping gifts, decorating, preparing to make our Gma Graber's favorite cookies, even making gifts, which ends up being the most fun! The kids get their creative flares going and we even have a laugh or 2! Maiah was making a gift for Marlee the other day, and it was so cute. She pasted paper all over a cereal box, it was priceless! She was so excited when she saw what Marlee made for Mandee, and then when Marlee told her to get out of her room so she could make her a special gift she got all excited! "Marlee's going to make me a wonderful gift too (as her voice raised higher and higher and her eyes widened) like Mandee's (can't say what it is)" She was sooo excited! Way cute! We also plan to watch The Nativity on Christmas Eve in our jams with hot cocoa and munchies. We are all really looking forward to that time as a family!!! Might even exchange a gift or 2!

Dad and his wife will be here for a week, and leave the day after Christmas, so we will have time with them. We plan to go to his house with my brother's family to do a little celebrating, and the Grabers always plan something!

Anyway...I am nursing colds at the moment, doing laundry, the kids lunch is in the oven, and now I am heading downstairs to do school. I will post more about our Christmas fine moments later.