Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can It Be?

Ok, so been experiencing this weird stomach pain, and figured it was my hiatle hernia. Of course though...I had to get all freaked out and wonder if it's the "C" word. Had blood work and an ultra sound done, and all looks normal...whatever that is? So I still have issues once in a while, and am waiting a referral for the GIJOE doc ;). In the mean time I am more worries. No more until this a.m. that is. I stepped on the scale, and WHAT? Since a week ago (says the scale) I lost 12 lbs. oh no...I must have the "C" word...I'm dying! what? So I showered, got all ready, prayed, and then decided to weigh myself again...oh the dread...what am I going to do???? As I stepped foot on the scale and looked down...WHAT? It can't be...I've just gained 17 lbs. in an hour! Praise the Lord!!!! In one day I went from dropping 12 to gaining 17, putting me at 5 lbs. above my original weight, and I'm happy??? I must be a freak. So the good news is my scale is off...the bad news...I'm still dying...we all are...sorry!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today I Am Blessed

Just a short blog to remind us all how blessed we are. Today is a good day. I am alive. I am not homeless. I have family who love me. I have a church family who cares. I have friends to laugh with. My husband has a job. My children love the Lord with all their hearts, and share Jesus' saving grace with their friends. I don't have to walk to the store because the Lord has blessed me with a vehicle. There is food in my fridge, I have a fridge. I have a bed, a home, health, and all my needs have been met. The Lord has taken care of me today, just as He has promised. Today I am blessed. There is no doubt that tomorrow won't be any different.

May you never forget the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you everyday.

Love you...T