Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Is A Real Friend?

Ok girls...this is the biggie! We (as women) have been on at least one up and down roller coaster of friendship in our life. Whether it be when we were little girls, teens, adults +, or somewhere in between. We have all experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of friendships. One thing to remember is that each one is special. May not always be good, but there is something in it that God wants us to get out of it!!!

I want to encourage each of you to take a look at the friendships you have encountered in your lifetime and think about what God might have taught you during that season. For some it may have been patience, others maybe trust, how to encourage or offer grace, and maybe even how to love more like Christ. I need your help...please respond to my blog or email me at etm5@q.com with some personal stories of what you have experienced in your friendships over the years, stories of what you have loved about the friends God has placed in your life, and even the difficult times you've had with them. If you're brave, share the stories about how you've been a good or not-so-good friend at times. I will update you as I get to where I'm going with it all. One day at a time! As the Lord leads!!!

I also just got the book "Grown-Up Girlfriends, Finding and Keeping Real Friends in the Real World" as a bday gift from my dear hubby because I told him I wanted it! I know some of you from Calvary did this as a Digging Deeper class. I would love any and all imput you are willing to share.

If you want names kept private just let me know...not that I'm using it for anything right now, but since this is a blog and all!

God bless...Tonya