Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Challenge to RISE ABOVE!

My hubby and I were talking today about how the enemy must know his time here is short lived. It seems wherever we look a marriage is falling apart, a church is splitting, someone is dying, or has cancer or some other disease, finances are terrible, jobs are being lost, and in the midst of all of this, the enemy seems to dive in and work even harder!
CHALLENGE...we must encourage one another on a daily basis. In our marriage, we MUST find someone to remind us that we LOVE our spouse, and our marriage IS important to GOD. We must help those in dire straight where it comes to finances, helping them find work or making them a meal. PRAY for those around us in need and step out in faith when we feel God has put someone or some family on our hearts and we don't know why.
The enemy wants nothing more then to discourage believers and bring them down. If Christ's return is right around the corner the last thing the enemy wants is a bunch of strong Christians covered in the Armor of God beating the pavements and saving souls!
So my cry today is for power...power through Christ. We all have strength, even if we feel we don't. We need a daily reminder that HE is our refuge, HE is our strength, HE is our hope, future, sure strong tower and more....let's hold on and plow forward with more zeal than ever in sharing the Gospel to those who are dying.
If you feel the need leave your prayer requests on my blog! I would love to lift you up in prayer!

God has already won!!!