Monday, May 5, 2008

Ever Feel Like a Babbbblin' Fool?

I had to pick up our chinese dinner at Shangri La. Let me just say, you can't get much more authentic then this place. Oriental people do the cooking and for the most part take your order and your moo la. When I walked in to pick up my order I was curious, so I asked, "What kind of meat was in the Garlic Chicken?" The little oriental woman looked at me and said "dok meat." I'm sure if you could have seen my eyeballs you would have thought I just got the living daylights squeezed right out of me as I replied, "DOG MEAT?" I'm sure that little lady did her best to hold back her laughter as she responded again (this time drawing out her answer) "DOOOOK meat." Again, with a puzzled look, ready to cancel my order I asked, "DOG meat?" Then it hit me..."Oh, dark meat..." I couldn't turn around and high tail it out of there fast enough. I felt like such a heal. I'm sinking, I'm sinking (see video clip).
Would love to hear some of your best blunders in babbling!