Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Worth it for a Webkinz...

Ok, so it's a Sunday mornin' and my kids hear that you get a free Webkinz if you spend $10 at Girly Girlz. Of course, as you know, nothing is ever free...let me explain.
So the day seems normal enough. I really don't feel like hopping in the van to go buy a Webkinz. I mean who really needs one more stinkin' beanie to clutter up the house I've been trying to DE-clutter forever anyway? BUT...the loving mother in me says...ya know...I really want to do something with the kids, and it will bless them so let's go!
On our way they are so excited! We even got to buzz through the intersection at UH and 83rd and watch someone get flashed at the light...sure glad it wasn't me! I was already long past the crosswalk...FEW...
Anyway...we get to Girly Girlz (of course Mason is NOT liking the fact that everything in there is pink and froo froo...just get the Kinz and get out.) It's also Webkinz week (or something of the sort) and you get to spin the Wheel of free pizza, and a pink pencil for Mason (even after he tried to respin a 100 times) and oh, let's guess EXACTLY how many jelly beans in that jar (nobody will EVER get this one), can't forget Plinco, I feel like I just got hit up by Bob Barker! Just get 'em and go already. was cute and all, even got some great ideas for a Mommy daughter tea party. Gotta plan that one, must hit up Becky. oldest was the only one who made a purchase because they planned to come back later (of course).
So we're off. Get home and kids are straight to the computer for hours of playing with the new Webkinz. They watch as my oldest names hers and sets up...whatever it is you set up. I just feel good that I did something kind for my kids today. I'm such a good Mom.
Fast forward to today...May 7th, they all now have several furry friends, and spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer playing their Webkinz games. Oh good least they aren't out roaming the streets I suppose. Gotta purchase that chair, oh need to sell that lamp, oh they have a game coming on in 5 min., MOM, I need your computer. Whatever, I'm getting sick of these little beanies already...they are taking over my life!!!
Anyway...where was I? Oh ya, May 7th, Eric rolls in and tells me how he thinks he got his picture taken at the same light we saw someone had gotten there's taken a couple weeks back, which reminded me to tell him that I saw the flash go off and was so glad I didn't get busted. He also said he was long past the pretty red line they have neatly painted for you.
Then he headed downstairs and later came back with the mail. He threw it at me, shocked as ever, there I was driving my van through a red light. WHAT?!!! I was in the middle of that intersection when that was taken, what in tarnation are they thinking? Did they photoshop that picture? I'm gonna sue! How ironic that the day I told him the story the stupid thing came in the's that for crazy?
So now what? I'm a nursing Mom. I can't do school. Oh, there's an option to take my class online. Now that is sweet...someone was really thinking...must have been a woman. So I make all my copies, email my info. and sign up. Now I wait, in the mean time I talk to my BFF who shares the bad news with me. You can't take traffic school online for a red light ticket. You have to go to Traffic Survival School...I'm thinking I will need Survival School when I'm done with all of this. I mean are you kidding me? $200 to go to school, and for what? Oh ya, no points and cheaper insurance. Ok, now my even bigger dilema...yep, I'm still nursing my baby. Oh crud. That just stinks. So what now, Eric brings him up on every break? This is crazy. No break for the Mom who hasn't had a ticket or even been pulled over since high school. You would think I committed some hanus(sp?) crime or something...well...I'm about to. Just kidding...
So now comes the clincher...remember the beginning of my story? Yep, nothing is EVER free! This trip to the Webkinz party cost me $ that's a screamin' deal eh'.
Click on "busted" picture to right to see enlarged. Can you stand it?


Becky said...

Wow, two posts within two days. You are a blogging fool.

I hate that dumb light thing. I feel I was totally jipped. my photo, the overhead light (arrow) was completely blank...not red, yellow, or I think I got screwed.

Sorry to say that word, but it is a travesty I tell you!

bunchofbull-ers! said...

See if you lived here you wouldn't have to deal photo-radar! Only Barney Fife! And I KNOOOOW you we're saying "SHOOOOT" in that picture! ;O)

I know your pain, I got a red light ticket one block from there! And survival school is rough....lots of blood & guts! Ewwwww.