Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey all...just wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. What a great day to remember all the things we can be thankful for. Actually, we should have Thanksgiving everyday. Daily thanking the Lord for all He's done for us, given us, and spared us from. He is a good and faithful God!

So, today I am blessed because I have life, not only physically, but life in Him! I have a wonderful husband who is healthy and able to work to support all of us in this crazy economy. I have 5 gorgeous children that are able to stay home with me, and I have the pleasure of schooling. I have not lost my home, but am safe in it. I have my health, and that is priceless! Even more of a blessing...so does everyone in my family. I have neighbors who I can freely witness to. I have family, friends, a car to drive, food to eat, a yard to enjoy, a church to worship at, photography jobs, blessings upon blessings, there is no reason to complain!

So today I will be thankful, and though my pick for President was not MY PICK at all, I know my God has allowed him to be there to finish what He has started. My friends...we are on our way HOME!

God bless...have a blessed day!